March 3rd 2006:

...We are currently in pre-production for several brand new comedy strands...

An Acquired Taste TV Corp has been making broadcast television for about 17 years.

The name of the company says a lot about it. It is an 'Acquired Taste' in that we have specialised in slightly edgy products that don't fit easily into the mainstream of television. But it also refects the time when we started. Supplying what is called acquired content. This was before the explosion of producer choice and the now fully formed independent television sector.

Our first programmes were sports related... In a more traditional area we also produced... well as Prestigeous Drama Productions like... Women of a Certain Age and the star-studded trilogy of Noel Coward's unique take on the occupation of the UK by the Nazis in Peace in Our Time.

More recently we have moved towards Documentary with two series of the highly acclaimed... Strictly Soho, which explores the lives and people of this vibrant part of London.

We have just completed our second series of the nationwide search for brand new writing talent in the cult comedy sketch show... Shoot the Writers!.

From this series we have helped form various writing teams all of whom are working on what might be the next comedy format. We have proposals with most UK Terrestrial Broadcasters. The range of work is extensive, from a new form of Political satire through to formats of comedy that frankly have never been seen before... like our innovative series of Sketch-Coms.